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The ECA Visual Arts Department offers students the opportunity to work with professional artists in a studio setting. Twenty-eight foundation and special topics courses are offered each year in a variety of media, including sculpture, printmaking, video, darkroom photography, digital photography, painting and drawing.


The art department cultivates the exchange of creative ideas with critiques, lectures, gallery and museum trips and visiting guest artists. Art students expand their visual communication vocabulary, critical thinking and problem solving skills, independent initiative, and craftsmanship and technical abilities, while making personally expressive artwork.


The ECA Visual Arts Department has local community partnerships including:

To apply for Admission to the Visual Arts Department, please visit the Application Process Page.

WANTED:  Used SLR Cameras for Photography Class!

Please donate your old 50mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Cameras to the ECA Photography Class!
We need them ASAP for special photography projects. Please drop them off at the ECA Main Office
In exchange for your donation, we can offer you a letter for tax deduction purposes! The Photography Class Thanks You!

MASS MOCA - 2018

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